UPDATE: Georgia man who won C8 Corvette from scratch-off will get his prized car

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By Kate Northrop

A Georgia man who won the top prize of a C8 Corvette in a scratch-off lottery game and previously had trouble claiming his prized car will get it sooner than expected, thanks to the stir his story caused.

Dennis Kahler must have figured the squeaky wheel gets the oil, since news of his plight circulating online prompted the Lottery to act quickly and arrange an order for the hot and in-demand car he won from the “Corvette and Cash” scratch-off game.

Upon winning the top prize and an extra $250,000 in cash that came with it, Kahler did not realize that the car was not actually reserved, rather he received a $107,000 stipend to be put toward the purchase of one. The Lottery did not anticipate that the new C8 Corvette would be so hard to acquire, so the only dealer that could supply Kahler with his desired make and model charged an extra $10,000 above the car’s MSRP of $80,465.

Not wanting to lose out on an additional $10,000 from the cash prize he was allotted, Kahler took to social media last week to tell his story.

Other dealers reached out with offers to sell this year’s model at MSRP, but the high demand, limited inventory, and backed up production as a result of COVID-19 would have meant that he potentially wouldn’t be receiving it until 9-12 months from now.

In the meantime, Kahler’s post ended up garnering just the right attention — he received a call from a Georgia Lottery representative on Thursday and was put in touch with Jim Ellis Chevrolet in Atlanta. Turns out, this dealership would be able to provide the winner with the Rapid Blue 2LT Z51 Corvette he desired.

Rather than pay a $10,000 markup or wait until the end of the year, Kahler can expect a happy ending that includes paying for the car at MSRP. This March, his prize car will be making its way from Chevrolet’s factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky to the winner in Georgia.

In an interview with Fox News, Kahler said the Lottery told him that there are two remaining top prizes in the $5 Corvette and Cash game. Hopefully, the upcoming winners will have a smoother journey through the claims process than he did.

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