Sending in the Fastest Dealer

After 2 days of playing short sessions (30 minutes to an hour) a couple times a day. Avoiding one pit boss in the first pit of tables they sent in the single fastest dealer I have seen. My friend who doesn’t count and I sat at a table. We played at a table through 2 shoes and I was up $300 or so. They swapped out dealers. The dealer came off as rude didn’t say anything and shuffled. She then flashed all the cards out of the shoe. She would get mad when my friend took more than a second to make a play. I would do a hand signal immediately. She was lightening fast. If my friend or I busted she would pull a card from the shoe and barely flashed it while picking up the cards. At one point two people walked up to sit down and she shook her head no as she kept dealing. I looked up while my friend was delayed to give a hand gesture. The discard tray was a mishmash of cards barely stacked and falling out. The chip tray was piled. She was flinging back the chips if we lost. The chip tray was just covered in random colors. I was not sure if this was on purpose or she didn’t like her job till I saw the pit boss walk by and just watch. At this point that just gave me more confidence to double down and keep the count going. After all was said and done I didn’t win or lose anything from the shoe. I looked back up to the chip tray and the dealer took the next 10 minutes trying to clean up her rack and discard tray before she shuffled. I don’t know what the casino thought after she dealt to me but that was the quickest shoe I have ever played and just made me more confident in my game.

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