Mohegan Announces Collaboration with Oshidori for Nagasaki Casino Resort


Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment and Hong Kong-based Oshidori International Holdings Ltd announced their collaboration in a press release. The two companies will team up for creating a casino resort in the Japanese prefecture Nagasaki.

A representative for Inspire Entertainment Resort announced that an official request was submitted to the local government in regards of the creation of an integrated resort in Nagasaki.

Mario Kontomerkos, Mohegan Gaming’s chief executive said in the press release that his company saw the potential in the collaboration with Oshidori.

He added: “We are honoured to work with Oshidori International and leverage their team’s unparalleled experience on this IR licence bid in one of the fastest growing markets in the world,”

In the meantime Kontomerkos said: “Our growth strategy took into consideration the significant cross-marketing opportunity between Project Inspire in Korea and Kyushu, Japan.”

The CEO added: “As operators of 10 properties globally including one of the largest integrated resorts in the Western hemisphere, we are eager to bring our expertise,”. He meant to a Japan venture in Nagasaki.

The current president and chief executive of Oshidori International Development, who is also former casino executive in Las Vegas, Alejandro Yemenidjian expressed his excitement for the collaboration with Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment.

He added: “Though our joint bid, we aim to highlight the rich culture and diversity of the Nagasaki area, and look toward to the positive impact this project will have on the entire Kyushu region,”

Nagasaki IR Establishment Plan

The Nagasaki government announced earlier this month the start of its request-for-proposal process. The aim is to build a casino resort in the prefecture. The proposed site for the future property is land within the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo city.

The prefecture government plans to choose future operating partner by summer or autumn this year.

In the beginning of January Nagasaki representatives announced that there are three foreign operators interested in the future project. Two of them are based in the United states and one is in Asia.

According to the announced timetable, after establishing of the local development plan between summer and early winter of 2021, in spring of 2022, the prefectural government and the Sasebo city council, the authority of the proposed location for a Nagasaki IR, will make resolution of the IR development plan. Soon after, the prefecture is due to submit its plan to the national government.

If the Japanese government approves the plan, in 2023 the process should come to an end with the formalization of the IR implementations agreement between the prefecture itself and the IR operator.

According to the plan, the new casino resort is supposed to open in the late 2020s.

Source: “Mohegan teams with Oshidori for Nagasaki casino tilt” GGR Asia, January 28, 2021

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