Interesting day with nj/pa lottery

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So yesterday I had a bit splurge on lottery. Out of pocket I ended up spending 120 bucks total. I started with 100. Bought five $20 dollar tickets in new jersey. All 5 were losers, so I took out twenty more and got another. It was 100$ single match winner. Bought two different 20$ tickets and left. They were both losers. Was in Philly a little later, at a Wawa and got two 30$ tickets. First was a dud, second was another single match 100$ winner. I cashed that, bought two 20$ tickets and two 10$ tickets (60$) and left. They ended up all being losers. On my way home I stopped at the same store and bought another 20$ ticket (next number, no one had bought in between) and two more of the 10$ (someone had come in and bought half the roll apparently). At this point I’m out the total 120$ I’d put in, and had spent both 100$ winners. The first 10$ ticket was nothing, the second was another single match 100$ winner. I couldn’t believe iti was literally laughing in my car. I start scratching the 20$ ticket and every symbol on the top (4bonus spaces) is a match. At first I think I got it really big win all but it ended up just being those 4 for you guessed it, another 100$. So now I have 200 cash, after having spent a total of 420 bucks, 120 out of pocket. So I’m at 80$ profit. Back in jersey I stopped at a 711 near my house and picked up two 30$ and one 20$ ticket. Kept the original investment and gambled on these three. The 20$ and first 30$ were duds. The second was a $250 winner. Taking 300 to the bank, and buying another 70$ worth layer today. See if I can get a $500 dollar winner or a claimer today!

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