Bet Rivers Steph Curry Bet Voiding Thread


Yesterday(January 28, 2021), Bet Rivers Casino offered a house special Steph Curry 25+ points, 3+ three pointers made for that evening’s game against the Phoenix Suns odds at + 320 boosted to +400. They have apparently voided all bets made on this several hours after they were made, without notification to bettors.

The most optimistic term for this behavior is shifty and more than likely much worse. Please post any and all data points(sans identifying information), comms with Bet Rivers support, comms to respective state gaming commissions, etc to keep track of what happened, what’s being done about it, and what can/will happen to address this egregious cash grab.

Let’s get this wealthy casino to pay out and make good or let it be known this is casino is to be avoided at all costs

Thursday’s thread:

Friday’s thread:

Indiana State Gaming Commission Form:

Illinois State Gaming Commission Form:

Iowa: complaint form is not available on the Racing and Gaming Commission website. If you need the form, you must email [email protected] and ask for it. Reddit user u/TahitiYEETi has offered to send it to anyone interested

Pennsylvania Gaming Commission Form:

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