Alabama Gambling Could Net State $700 Million Annually

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Casinos and the lottery are on the radar after a report suggests that Alabama gambling could bring in $700 million for the state each year. Additionally, regulation of the industry could provide an additional 19,000 jobs to the state.

Governor Kay Ivey commissioned the report from the Study Group on Gambling Policy. That report was published last month and estimates that the state could potentially take in $300 million annually from the lottery and up to an additional $400 million from the regulation of casinos, with $10 million from sports betting.

Alabama’s Constitution currently prohibits the lottery and most other forms of gambling. That means a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature would be needed in order to facilitate the needed changes, and allowing a lottery or new casinos. Still, there would need to be a public vote on the matter.

Alabama currently has three casinos with electronic bingo. There is also dog and horse racing permitted in certain counties. You can read more on the possible expansion of Alabama gambling at

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